Our shipping policy at The Flower Shop includes free delivery for orders within 5km within the shop's radius, for orders beyond 5km, a delivery charge will be added. We offer same-day delivery and also a scheduled delivery option. We currently offer shipping for orders in Chennai. 

The delivery is fulfilled by us, so in case of any support required you can contact the store for assistance. In case of a scheduled delivery, please allow a 30 to 60-minute window on top of the scheduled time frame. In case we fail to fulfil the order without any information or exceed the allowed time limit, we will hand the product to you free of charge.


Thanks for shopping with us at The Flower Shop. In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can choose to return it. The terms for return is that you can view the product when delivered by our delivery person and can return it back to him in case you are not satisfied with it or you can send it back to the shop located in Alwarpet on the same day as the delivery along with a receipt and get refunded or can exchange it.